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“AQUARIUS” travel agency organizes European and long-haul journeys, winter trips and skiing arrangements, as well as Mediterranean and Adriatic cruises.We organize honeymoon journeys and our friendly and cordial agents will do their best to find you the most attractive and convenient arrangements.You can browse through the list of European and long-haul journeys.

European Travels

europska putovanja

Pariz by bus from 2.590,00 kn
Pariz by plane from 3.795,00 kn
Rim by bus from 1.695,00 kn
Rim by plane from 2.295,00 kn
London by plane from 3.590,00 kn
Barcelona by plane from 2.795,00 kn
Amsterdam by plane from 2.795,00 kn
Berlin by plane from 1.895,00 kn
Beć by bus from 845,00 kn
Budimpešta by bus from 595,00 kn
Prag by bus from 945,00 kn

Overseas Travels

europska putovanja

Mauricijus from 8.825,00 kn
Keniji from 13.990,00 kn
Tajland from 10.990,00 kn
Maldivi from 7.990,00 kn
Kuba from 7.990,00 kn
Brazil - Sao Paulo from 4.790,00 kn
New York from 4.790,00 kn
Seychelles from 6.325,00 kn
Bahami from 10.825,00 kn
Dominikasnska Republika from 8.125,00 kn
Dubai from 5.950,00 kn